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See also: Passwords.

Video game savestates, battery saves, Memory Card saves, ...

Can't upload them in Wikia, so links may be broken.


Emulator: (Battery and/or savestates)

GameSave contentFile
Kirby's Adventure100% clear
Mega Man10 savestates, most before bosses
Mega Man 210 savestates
Mega Man 310 savestates
Mega Man 410 savestates
Mega Man 510 savestates
Mega Man 610 savestates
Mighty Final Fight10 savestates
Wily & Right no RockBoard10 savestates


Emulator: NO$GBA (Battery)

GameSave contentFile
Mega Man ZX Advent
Mega Man Zero CollectionGallery complete

Mega Drive

Emulator: Kega Fusion (Battery and/or savestates)

Mega Man: The Wily WarsCan't upload. Go here instead.


Emulator: ePSXe (Memory Card)


Emulator: None, as most don't work well. (PSP saves)

GameSave contentFile
MHXC Mega Man Maverick Hunter XGame clear with all itemsLink (expires in October 2013)
MHXE Mega Man Maverick Hunter XGame clear with all items (Vile Mode)
MMPUNS Mega Man Powered UpNew Style
MMPUOS Mega Man Powered UpOld Style clearLink (same as above link)
MMPUSMetal Mega Man Powered UpCustom stage
(Metal Man's stage from Rockman World 2)
Rockman DASH
RDASH2 Rockman DASH 2
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
All games 100% clear

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