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Mega Man X, Rockman X in Japan, is the second series from the Mega Man franchise.

Main Characters


Rockman X
イレギュラーハンター (Irregular Hunters)
Maverick Hunters
イレギュラーの被害を防ぐため、ケイン博士が優秀なレプリロイドを集めて組織。イレギュラー処理が目的だが、ハンターがイレギュラー化する事件も。 Dr. Cain gathered excellent Repliroids in an organization in order to prevent Irregular damage. Their purpose is to take care of Irregulars, but there are also cases of Hunters becoming Irregulars.
ケイン博士 (Dr. Cain) エックスの設計理論を基にレプリロイドを開発。中でもシグマはケイン博士の最高傑作といわれていた。イレギュラーハンター設立にも指導的役割を果たした。 Developed Repliroids based on X's design theory. Among them, Sigma was said to be the best masterpiece of Dr. Cain. He also played a leading role in establishing the Irregular Hunters.
ライト博士 (Dr. Right)
Dr. Light
エックスを開発した博士。100年ほど前に没した人物で、ロボット工学の第一人者。100年後の現在でも追いつけないほどの開発力を持っていたようだ。 The doctor that developed X. A person who died about 100 years ago, is a leading robot engineer. It seems that he had development capabilities that others could not catch up even now even after 100 years.
(Special A Class Repliroid)
レプリロイドの性能を等級化したもので、最上級に位置するランク。ゼロ、シグマは特A級だが、性格上、性能を活かしきれないエックスはB級にランクされていた。 It ranks the performance of Repliroid, rank which is located in the highest grade.

Zero, Sigma is Class A grade, but due to its character, X that can not make full use of its performance was ranked in Class B.

Rockman X2
(Counter Hunters)
X Hunters
(Item Tracer)
Rockman X3
(Doppel Town)
(Nightmare Police)
(Sigma Virus)
Rockman X4
(Z Saber)
Rockman X5
(Colony "Eurasia")
(Armor Program)
Rockman X6
(Nightmare Virus)
(Zero Nightmare)
Rockman X7
(Red Alert)
(DNA Program)
Rockman X Cyber Mission (Mega Man Xtreme)
(Mother Computer)
Rockman X2 Soul Eraser (Mega Man Xtreme 2)
(DNA Soul)

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